4 x 4 Off Road Experience - Thruxton Motorsport Centre

November 2018, my Uncle and I were booked on a 4 x 4 Off-Road experience in a Land Rover Defender. Unfortunately, a mishap occurred with the booking and when we arrived we were unable to take part. Not to worry...we were given a complimentary go-kart session and re-booked the 4 x 4.

Go-karting at Thruxton - Great fun. These were the 30 mph karts.

The cars - Top Speed 82 mph - Power 122 bhp - Engine Size 2.5 litre - Gearbox 5 speed manual - Configuration Front engine four wheel drive.

What did we learn? Our instructor taught us about axle articulation, approach and departure angles, how to find the best traction, when to and when not to use the brakes, when to use a little throttle and when to really attack an obstacle. During the session we experienced: failed hill climbs, wading through water (learning how to create a bow wave) descending a steep slope and balancing on a seesaw.

Verdict - Great fun and excellent value for money. The best bit was driving across the seesaw. I was the only one who managed to balance the clutch and the brake, whilst centering the Land Rover on the seesaw.

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