Introducing Lola the Land Rover

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Purchased from ebay in November 2018, this is my first restoration project. Lola is a 1964, Series IIa Land Rover with a 2.25 litre petrol engine and soft top. Although this vehicle looks pretty beaten up, I am confident that this can be restored to full working condition. It's going to take a while and will require a ground up re-build, including chassis repairs, rebuild bulkhead, strip and reassemble engine gearbox, axles and all mechanical components etc. Lots of new skills to learn.

Arriving on a flat-bed van (which turned out to be really easy to organise), we then had to push the Land Rover up the drive, whilst pulling and pushing the front wheels in order to steer it. You'll note that it has no steering wheel at this point.

Lola came with boxes of bits, including floor panels, battery housing, soft top, carburettor, vent flaps, dash panel and lots more. The axle stands are a new purchase.

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